Jeremy Corriveau - Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Jeremy Corriveau is a singer, songwriter, and performer from Massachusetts.

Jeremy became heavily involved with recording & CD production for talented new musicians with limited resources.  In college, Jeremy started his own sound company, called "Rage Sound," and two years later, founded "Jemstar Productions," an audio/video/graphics/web company to promote and market his clients (

Jeremy also used his creative and musical talents to develop a charity called "The Music of Christmas." Its objective was to help those less fortunate during the holiday season. Under Jeremy's direction, he and his staff raised money through live musical performances, and CDs featuring local talent. The project was a huge success, and Jeremy donated thousands of dollars to six different children's charities in his community. Many children received Christmas gifts, and a sense of hope. Because of his devotion to the community, Jeremy was awarded Fall River's Hometown Hero Award in 2000. 

Years later, Jeremy created "Sponsor A Child – Art & Music," a program which donated profits to foster art & music programs for children in Southeastern Massachusetts.

He continues to write new music and perform live. His CD, “The Experiment” can be purchased on CDbaby, itunes, and other online music retailers.

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